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16:03 | June 30, 2016

Vlogg | Häng med mig och osccar på Stylight Awards

hang with me and osccar on stylight awards


Det blev en vlogg! Vilket jag inte trodde hinnas med alls 🙂
Hoppas ni gillar den!
Vill ni ha fler vloggar? eller vill ni bara att jag gör tutorials?

/Did a Vlog from Stylight Awards! Didn’t thought that I should make it!
Hope you like it, and do you want more vlogs? tell me in the comments, or do you only want me to do tutorials. 🙂

9 Responses to “Vlogg | Häng med mig och osccar på Stylight Awards”

  1. Tiffany on

    Hey Linda, it’s your amazing french interview.

    And the translation of the questions :
    How do you choose your sponsorships?
    A product you’ll never work with?
    How much must spend a brand for the promotion of their products?
    Which celebrity would you like to do the make up?
    Lots of bloggers do the promotion of very expensive products. And you?
    Your best beauty tips?
    A word for our followers?


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