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14:30 | November 3, 2017

Finland, it was a pleasure!

*Inlägget innehåller reklam för mina egna produkter

Nu åker vi snart hemåt igen, det har varit en galen vecka! Är helt tom i huvudet nu, men åker samtidigt härifrån med massa ny energi och nya kunskaper! Människorna jag träffat har varit fantastiskt inspirerade och bara helt magiska. Känns definitivt som Finland vågar mer färg än Sverige!
Nästa vecka kommer vi åka runt i Stockholm och besöka butiker! Så hoppas vi ses 🙂 Har ni inte sett schemat så kommer jag att lägga upp det på instagram igen på söndag eller måndag!

ENGLISH: Time to go home again. This week has been absolutely crazy. My brain is kind of drained right now, but at the same time my body is filled with new energy! The people I’ve met have been so inspiring. It definitely feels like Finland is more into colors than we are in Sweden!
Next week we are traveling around in Stockholm, so I hope to see you there 🙂 If you havent seen the schedule yet I’m gonna post it again on sunday or monday.

Jag har fått sminka massa kul ögon och läppar 🙂

ENGLISH: I’ve done sooo many cool lips and eyes

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3 kommentarer om “Finland, it was a pleasure!”

    Too bad I wasn’t able to see you on your trip to here, but good to hear that your trip was inspiring! For what I’ve been noticing, especially the younger and the more trendy and more into beauty -people here are really into more bold makeup. I think it has to do with people following youtube and instagram, those a really popular here and their influence has made contouring, highlighting, false eyelashes, winged liners, liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows a thing here. I’ve heard that even 12 yer olds wearing a full face makeup nowadays. I’m under the impression that in Sweden there’s in more classic and subtle makeup? I really like that people are more experimental with their makeup and use lot’s of colours, but I have to add that I live in Helsinki, and it might be a different story in smaller cities.


    Ja vad kul!! Kommer ni ha med de nya skuggorna på plats? ? Kanske trillar in på Vegomässan imorgon, annars ses vi på Kicks!


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