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23:28 | December 29, 2017

Best of beauty (English version)

I was thinking about copying Ida’s list (but not her answers ofc) of the best beauty products of the year!


SKINCARE: have found me some favorites this year, but many are still the same!


Face moisturizer
pH formula P.O.S.T recovery cream. THE best for my skin!

Face Cleanser
pH Formula E.X.F.O Cleanse! works for both face and eyes, has a peeling effect. Works on all skin types.

pH Formula C.R Recovery.

Face mist
Pixi Glow Mist. Love this one

Eye Cream
pH Formula E.Y.E covery, I do not really know why, but it’s the only one I used, and I’ve never had problems around the eye area with neither dark rings nor puffiness, so I just need some moisture there. Or is it the cream that manages that job? what do I know..

Face mask
It’s depending on what I want at the time. but I LOVE Gilda’s Hydra performance mask as well as The Body shops Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing mask. Yum!

Facial Oil:
Akademikliniken Glow oil. Was so glad I received a small sample of this in one of my Christmas calendars as this is super expensive!  This is one of my absolute favorites this year!

pH Formula U.V Protect 50! super good sunscreen for the face that is NOT sticky!

Body oil:
Emma S warm beach Body Oil. The smell, the feeling of summer, everything is perfect with this

I use a lot different things for my hair ALL the time, and here are my favorites!


I really like Matrix Biolage R.A.W ​​nourish Schampoo!

Matrix Biolage R.A.W ​​Nourish Conditioner!

Color Conditioner:
Arctic Fox! Love Arctic fox!, there are lots of colors, and they are vegan! I also like Manic Panic and Maria Nila tho..

Ghd split end therapy .. OMG .. It’s just amaaaazing, even if it’s only temporary and makes the hair fine for the moment, I’ve never tried anything that gives my hair so much shine and weight! You apply it in towel-dried hair and activates the product with heat.

Heat protection
Björn Axén Heat styling protection

Dry Shampoo
I really do not know. Have tried to find the perfect dry shampoo ever since Blow Pros Faux Dry disappeared. I like LCC’s Good to go Light, But it’s not on top..

Hair Oil
EXIT Haircare Heat Deluxe Argan Oil. LOVE IT

Hair mask
EXIT Haircare Pro Hairmask.

YAY, my favorite category!?


Setting Spray
I use Pixis glow mist even as a setting spray because I think most setting sprays give a little tight feeling, and I do not like that ..

Eyeshadow primer
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original, Yepp, after many years, I’ve finally tried it and love it!

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream cover, Full coverage with a single drop, elastic and absolutely amazing foundation in lots of shades.

Paris Berlin HD powder. 

Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color Glow Illumi-Naughty – LOVE at first sight

I use only Andromeda or Pinwheel from from our Infintiy Palette

Again, the infinity palette! Use Maffei as soft contouring (works very well on light skin) and also Cigar

Here I have to separate waterproof and non-waterproof.
My favorite when it comes to waterproof is Lumenes True mystic waterproof, and when it comes to non-waterproof, I have to say that it’s Urban Decays Troublemaker!

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Palette, should you have a palette! and must also say Metallic Mysteries and Enchanted Secrets. I came up with these for reason, they are my dream palettes 🙂

Brow gel
The BrowGal clear eyebrow gel.

Eyebrow Product
Fornax from the infinity palette is the best for my dark brows

Eyeshadow / pigment
hmm .. Totally in love with Inglot’s body sparkles, I also love Danessa Myrick’s Colorfix colors

Lip liner:
Would probably be our Core Crayon in the color Brown!

Lip gloss
Too Faced Melted Latex!

I barely use lipstick anymore ..

Liquid lipstick
NABLA Liquid Lipstick Coco, one of the few liquid lipsticks I actually ran out of!

I’m pretty boring now when it comes to nails since I started to climb.. haha


Nail polish
No special. As long as I have a good base coat and a good top coat, the colored nail polish doesn’t really matter.

OPI Base Coat

Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat, quick-drying overcoat that gives a gel-finish, without UV lamp

Nail Oil
To be honest.. I don’t use it.. oops




Day perfume
Elizabeth Arden Always Red, my everyday perfume

Evening Perfume
Thierry Mugler Alien 


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    Har du provat Living Proofs torrshampoo? Finns fan inge bättre, denna är min tooooooo die produkt för håret ? den enda som verkligen rengör håret och inte känns av, om man vill ha textur så sprayar man i volume blast som också är från Living proof. Båda är amazing!


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