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14:46 | February 8, 2018

En vacker Glitter-olycka

Skulle ta lite nya fina bilder på mina nya glitter från Lit och posta.. men då hände detta…

ENGLISH: Was supposed to take pictures of my new glitters from Lit.. and this happened…

JAG TAPPAR SKITEN! PÅ HELTÄCKNINGSMATTA!!! det är glitter tamejfan överallt nu..


Tänkte att vi iallafall ska kika på mina nya glitter 🙂  Jag älskar ju Lit cosmetics glitter, och införskaffade några nya under min resa till LA!

  1. Champagne Wishes – en av mina favoriter och ett glitter jag faktiskt tagit slut på en gång!
  2. Lit metals Tease + Gold. Mer ett pigment som glittrar än ett rent glitter
  3. Dreamsicle
  4. Diamond Girl – Småkornigt transparent & silvrigt glitter
  5. Heavy Metal – Guldkopprigt finkornigt glitter
  6. Your a star – Holografiska Stjärnor
  7. Ella – Lite större glitter i guld-holo
  8. Disco Dots – Holografiska prickar


I cried for a while, and then I got myself together..
I love the glitters from Lit cosmetics, and got some new ones during my trip to LA!

Champagne Wishes – one of my favorites!
Lit metals Tease + Gold. More of a pigment that glitters than a pure glitter
Dreamsicle – Orange with green glitters
Diamond Girl – transparent & silvery glitter
Heavy Metal – Gold /coppery  glitter
Your a star – Holographic Stars
Ella –  Holo Gold
Disco Dots – Holographic dots

Allihop är swatchade med Lits glitterbase!

Har ni testat lits glitter? gillar ni dom? och har ni någon favorit/icke favorit?



Everyone is swatched with Lits glitter base!

Have you ever tried  glitter from Lit? do you like them? and do you have any favorite / non-favorite?

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5 kommentarer om “En vacker Glitter-olycka”

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  • Hi Linda!! I love glitter, it always make everything more beautiful!! I wish you could talk about the ecological glitter, in Brazil they are having a masive campaing about it now, because its carnaval and everyone use glitter and glitter its plastic, and it take years to disolve… So there some brands that create the ecological one that is supose to disolve faster. Easy to take of and dont hurt the enviroment….
    maybe that type would have been easy to clean of your carpet… terrible sorry about that, but on the bright side no one will ever see a more sparkling carpet 🙂
    thank always for such awesome posts!!

  • :,-D LOL LOL LOL…incliding your brushes…
    i know it’s weird, but these are the situations where i always have to laugh so hard 😉
    by the way, i love glitter 🙂

  • Haha yes I tried to get it up from the carpet with the brushes.. didn’t work.. ?? it’s glitter all over the office now!

  • :-*

  • I love my glitters from lit. Their base is the only glitter base I ever use. For this comment, I also put a picture of some of my glitter in my new years look. Hope you like.