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14:21 | November 18, 2018

Infinity deep | Introduction video


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3 kommentarer om “Infinity deep | Introduction video”

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Jag accepterar villkoren som finns hÀr

  • What a lovely palette, expect for the inclusion of Fornax, I would have rather wanted a new shade, since I already own the old Infinity-palette, and Fornax is the color I almost never use anyway. So I’m bit on the fence will I get the new one. But other than that, the shades look nice. BTW are you going to start selling individual shades so when I hit the pan on some of more used shades so I wouldn’t have to buy a new palette?

  • Thank you! For us it is important with inclusivity, and that all the people that haven’t been able to use the infinity palette as an all over palette bc of darker skin, also could be able to have Fornax in their palette 🙂 An almost black shade like that is awesome to have in an all over palette because you can darken literally everything with it 🙂 We have been looking into singles. But singles would be very expensive for us to produce, and also to sell. A single pan would be like half the price of a whole palette because of production and everything around it, our formulas are very expensive to produce because they are both vegan, high performance and multifunctional. And as a small brand we just can’t do that right now. Maybe in the future 🙂 let’s hope for the best. Right? Just ask if there is anything else 🙂 hugs!

  • Oh, I totally get it now, but maybe on day. I’m on the other end of color spectrum, my skin is almost paper white, so it’s really hard to find a contouring or bronzer shade that would suit me. For example Cicar is too dark for contouring, and Zwicky too dark for bronzing. I was wondering do you have any tips or ideas for as very fair skinned people, how can we use all the colors? In eye make ups naturally, but is there anything else? I’d love to have a reddish brown for my eyebrows! Maybe one day there will be Infinity Light-palette? I better jo to Kicks and swatch that new palette, I really liked the colors 🙂