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10:25 | December 4, 2018

Todays look | Dreams

Är det någon som är bra på drömtydning här?
Jag drömde inatt igen om SAMMA hotell som jag drömt om flera ggr innan.. med röd inredning, persiska mattor, våningarna hänger inte ihop med varandra när man åker mellan dom, och jag tappar bort mig bland hissar och trappor. bara åker hiss och springer runt och letar efter nåt, men vet inte vad.. vad kan det vara?

I’ve had the same dream several times now.. or at least I’ve been on the same place. it’s a hotel with red interior and Persian rugs.. and I always get lost among the elevators and the stairs, the floors are not connected and nothing makes sense.. I just run around. It seems like I am looking for something, but I don’t know what..

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  • It’s exactly how it sounds. You’re struggling with things that are out of your control, you’re trying to find some direction in your life but each day is the same as the last, and/or you’re afraid of losing yourself somehow. Depending on how the setting looked to you, your fears could be based around somewhere you previously found comfort, or it could show a fear in one of your new endeavors.

  • I agree with some in the above. I think you’re looking to find your own meaning of life or whatever you’re doing right now. Sometimes you feel like you’re lost, but now you’re not giving up to “figure it out” now you’re actually trying to make your own sense of what’s going on. The red colour could be very important in this analysis, cus you remember this specific colour. Red is the symbol of all passions like love, energy, passion and desire. So is it in your love life or your passion that you’re trying to find your own way?

  • Drömmer en massa konstigt typ jämt, så jag tog en drömtydarkurs där man fick hem uppgifter mm typ en gång / mån tror jag! Började men saker kom emellan så blev aldrig klar.. Men måste nog ta upp d igen för är juh sjukt spännande!!

  • Hi Linda. I’ve been following your struggle for a while now, and watched you go to healers, and other worldly people in an attempt to bring order, and fill the void. I’ve also seen you say that you have no religious belief. I’m not going to tell you what you need, as I don’t believe that is what is appropriate, but I would offer you this simple challenge. Just speak the following, out loud. “God, if you are real, and can fill the void that I’m trying to fill, please reveal yourself to me, and lead me to peace.” And then wait. If He isn’t real, you have lost nothing. If He is, you may find what you’re looking for.