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20:54 | March 10, 2019

Climbing, and taking things off my vision board

Vilken fantastisk feeling det var att klättra idag! hihi! Var på klättercentret i Akalla idag för första gången och körde lite där. Sjukt fint och stort! Men mycket folk en söndag.
Men ja… jäklar vad skranglig man blivit!! haha.. Armarna dog typ efter 10 minuter och jag var SÅ svag i kroppen.. har knappt ens varit på gymmet på ett halvår, och det märks verkligen. MEN, jag var där för att ha kul, inte för att jämföra mig. Och jag tog tag i saken och bokade in mig på en topprepskurs, ÄNTLIGEN! Vilken är en av sakerna på min visionboard som jag kan pricka av snart! WIHOOO!! Känns förjäkla kul och jag är taggad till tusen!

What a great feeling it was to climb today!  Was at the center in Akalla for the first time. And oh my… Shit goes down fast.. I was really not that good anymore!! haha .. My arms just gave up after 10 minutes and I felt really weak ..  BUT, I haven’t  been to the gym in like 6 months..  and it really makes a big difference. BUT, I was there to have fun, not to compare myself.
And and booked me on a top-rope course, FINALLY! Which is one of the things on my vision board that I can get rid of soon! WIHOOO !! Feels so much fun and I’m SUPER EXCITED!

Hade helt glömt hur mycket mina skor skaver… funderar på att köpa nya. Har ni några tips på bra klätterskor som inte kostar multum?

ENGLISH: I totally forgot how uncomfortable my climbing shoes are.. I think I have to buy new ones.. do you have any good tips on good ones that are not that expensive?

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8 kommentarer om “Climbing, and taking things off my vision board”

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  • Climbing shoes aren’t really meant to be comfortable, in all honesty. But, the ones you have look like they’re of the more aggressive type with a pointy toe, which is a pretty uncomfortable type of shoe. There are shoes that are less unconfortable, like the La Sportiva Tarantulace. They are excellent beginner shoes, and in my opinion very comfortable. La Sportiva is a brand that has pretty narrow shoes though, so if your foot is a bit more broad, I’d recommend getting a pair from Evolv, maybe the Kira or Nighthawk model. I hope these tips help, and good luck finding a pair that suits you! ☺️

  • Hey there! Thank you for the tips! I know they aren’t supposed to be comfy 🙂 I got mine fitted by a person at the climbing center I was climbing at before. But they are really really bad! I’m ok with the pointy toe, but they are really uncomfortable in the heel.. I don’t know if it’s my heels or what it is.. But I’m definitely going to check La Sportiva Tarantulace out! And I have to use bandages in the meanwhile 🙂

  • If you don’t want something too aggressive, I had Evolv Elemtras when I was first starting out and I still use them for warmups and crack climbing. If you want something more aggressive and good for technical footwork, I can’t recommend La Sportiva Miuras enough. They are a bit more expensive, but super good quality and I can do some cool stuff in them.

  • *Evolv Elektra, sorry

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • Miura, la Esportiva!

  • Ja du ser iaf inte d minsta svag ut i armarna 🙂

  • Hi Linda! 🙂 my favourite ones are la sportiva tarantula shoes or katana. Of course it depend on if you are advanced climber (katana) or not (tarantula). The are very comfortable even for climbing shoes 🙂