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13:11 | May 11, 2019

Todays look | Bridal Makeup

Igår hade jag lanseringesevent för min klocka (bilder kommer), sedan så fortsatte vi att fira hela dagen och kvällen som slutade med att vi dansade oss helt svettiga.
Looken ovan är bröllopslooken jag gjorde i videon i torsdags 🙂


Alla produkter nedan kommer från FÄRG

Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation
Setting powder Vanilla
Hyperflex Eye Shadow Refill Nougat as contour
Hyperflex Eye Shadow Refill Aprikos as Blush
Hyperflex Eye Shadow Refill Camelia As Highlight
Shimmer Pigment Bubbly as Highlight

Kiss Proof Lip Primer Transparent as Primer
Hyperflex Eye Shadow Refill Valnöt
Hyperflex Eye Shadow Refill Brons
Hyperflex Eye Shadow Refill Camelia
Hyperflex Eye Shadow Refill Laktrits
Shimmer Pigment Bronze
Shimmer Pigment Bubbly
Waterproof street mascara
Ardell Individual lashes Short
Ardell Individual lashes Long

Kiss proof Lip Liner New York
Lip Gloss Big Boss

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  • hi Linda !!!!
    i fell in love with this brand but can you help me ?
    i?m in Italy and how can i get these products ?
    i wrote to customer care but they didn’t answered…
    thank you very much

  • I’m confused on the lip products.. can you link me to the gloss, please? I cannot find it when I Google. Thank you, Linda!