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19:29 | March 15, 2020

The Corona Virus

The world is chaos.. The Coronavirus is everywhere and pretty much everyone is affected in some way.
It’s absolutely awful and it feels like being in some kind of weird horror movie when you see all the empty shelves in the grocery stores.. It’s super weird.

What do I think about the situation?
I think it’s VERY important to listen to REAL facts and not listen to everything you hear and see on social media. Check your sources before you post facts that are not true. Also, I think that there is no need to panic and buy shit loads of toilet paper.

I’m also not very afraid of catching the virus myself, because I would probably be just fine. I trust myself and I know I’m good with my hygiene, I wash my hands and so on. But I know other people aren’t. I see people caughing and sneezing out in the air all the time.. and that is irritating AF. Why can’t people just listen and accept the guidelines!!  Sneeze and cough in your arm! And if you feel sick in any way. STAY AT HOME, and show respect!

I’m just afraid that IF I catch the virus, I could spread it to people that maybe won’t make it. That is why next week, I’m not going to be at the office. I’m not going to attend any events or anything. I’m trying to avoid the subway as much as I can and also avoid be among large groups of people.

Everything is just so weird..

How do you feel about the Coronavirus? How is the situation in your country?


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3 kommentarer om “The Corona Virus”

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Jag accepterar villkoren som finns här

  • Vel, i Norge er vi i selvpålagt karentene, eller obligatorisk karentene. Eneste vi går ut for er å handle litt mat (myndighetene anbefaler å handle 1-2 ganger i uka) så vi har ikke vært ute av huset på felre dager nå og har hjemmekontor. All ære til de som jobber og ikke kan ha hjemmekontor og ikke minst til helsepersonalet!

    Hele situasjon… it’s so weird. Føles som apokalypsen, verdens enda, ragnarok. Jeg vet ikke men jeg freaker ut.

    Håper alle slipper unna og at vi ikke mister flere folk til dette helvetes virus.

  • hi from Portugal Madeira island, at the moment we dont have any case confirmed but is a little bit scary really and wierd situation do not leave home for days and wait for any good news, we all have to do our part and hope for the best 🙂

  • Hello from Switzerland. Well, here (as we are neighbour to Italy) it’s gotten quite serious. The government decided to closr all shops that don’t sell vital goods, so that means that just the food stores and the pharmacies are open. They also told us to work from home (if possible) and stay at home as much as you can and to avoid (of course also if it’s possible) the rush hours in the public transport. I think it’s ok, I understand why they decided that way actually. BUT what I don’t understand is why you see everywhere old people which are using the public transport or going to the grocery store. I just don’t get, because those measures are mainly to protect exactly them. Swiss people are maybe known for being a little bit reserved but I just don’t want to believe that for all those there is nobody who could do their shopping. Well, as for me, I’m 28, and I’m not afraid at all. I have to do homeoffice 3/5 days, which I think is realistic. I just hope that they don’t decide to quarantine the whole country..