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17:01 | March 16, 2020


This year, we are so freaking happy to be nominated with TWO products in Swedish Beauty Awards!! – Fusion kit and H2Glow face mist!
aaaah we can’t believe it!
We are so so happy that we can create really awesome vegan top quality products of that people really love 🙂 Only to be nominated in Swedish Beauty Awards feels like an award itself!

have you tried any of these products?

Wish us luck guys! <3

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08:01 | March 16, 2020

Todays look | Dancing with the birds

Såg på “Dancing with the birds” på Netflix och blev så JÄKLA impad av fåglar och deras beteenden… KOLLA på den!!
Och färgerna.. vilka färger fåglar har.. wow

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover N03
Linda Hallberg Infinity Palette –Maffei, Milky Way, Cigar   (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Light (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass (reklamlänk)


Linda Hallberg Fusion Kit – Altair Flash Crayon (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Interstellar Collision (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Infinity Deep Palette – Quasar, Fornax, Umbra  (reklamlänk)
Viseart Editorial Brights Palette
Linda Hallberg Anger Mood Crayon (reklamlänk)
Nabla Major Pleasure Mascara

Linda Hallberg Fusion Kit – Vega Mood Crayon (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Ory Flash Crayon (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass (reklamlänk)


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19:29 | March 15, 2020

The Corona Virus

The world is chaos.. The Coronavirus is everywhere and pretty much everyone is affected in some way.
It’s absolutely awful and it feels like being in some kind of weird horror movie when you see all the empty shelves in the grocery stores.. It’s super weird.

What do I think about the situation?
I think it’s VERY important to listen to REAL facts and not listen to everything you hear and see on social media. Check your sources before you post facts that are not true. Also, I think that there is no need to panic and buy shit loads of toilet paper.

I’m also not very afraid of catching the virus myself, because I would probably be just fine. I trust myself and I know I’m good with my hygiene, I wash my hands and so on. But I know other people aren’t. I see people caughing and sneezing out in the air all the time.. and that is irritating AF. Why can’t people just listen and accept the guidelines!!  Sneeze and cough in your arm! And if you feel sick in any way. STAY AT HOME, and show respect!

I’m just afraid that IF I catch the virus, I could spread it to people that maybe won’t make it. That is why next week, I’m not going to be at the office. I’m not going to attend any events or anything. I’m trying to avoid the subway as much as I can and also avoid be among large groups of people.

Everything is just so weird..

How do you feel about the Coronavirus? How is the situation in your country?


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17:01 | March 13, 2020

Todays look | Feben

Yesterday, Feben was in the studio, we recorded a little tutorial and then I did this look on her. You may recognize it from last week? 🙂
I have actually done makeup on Feben before, like five years ago. She is such an amazing person inside and out!

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover
Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Deep (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Fantastick Lipstick Garnet on cheeks (reklamlänk)

Linda Hallberg Avoir Flash Crayon (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Black Core Crayon (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Zhao Flash Crayon (reklamlänk)
Viseart Editorial Brights Palette (reklamlänk)
NYX Professional makeup On the rise Liftscara (reklamlänk)
House Of Lashes Ethereal Lite Lashes
Linda Hallberg Enchanted Mysteries Palette – Lakuna (reklamlänk)

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover
Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass (reklamlänk)

Linda Hallberg Interstellar (reklamlänk) mixed with Infinity glass (reklamlänk)

Diadem from Ioaku

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08:10 | March 13, 2020

Why climbing is so important to me

I climb a lot nowadays.. 3-4 times a week. Three hours at a time. And it feels like I’m talking about climbing all the time.
I have never felt this strong and healthy in my life. And it doesn’t even feel like I’m exersicing.
Climbing does not only make me stronger, but it makes me incredibly happy and relaxed. I’m not as tired as I used to be on a daily basis.
Climbing does not allow you to think about anything else than what you are doing at that time, you take away your thoughts from work and all that every day stress and anxiety disappears.
I try to challenge myself every session. Even if I don’t make it. I’m trying, and if I’m not trying, I will not get any better.
I also climb because I have control issues, and climbing really helps me with that!
I really love the climbing community, it’s very open and social. You can go there alone and be alone if you like. But if you feel social you can easily find someone to climb with. Find someone who climbs the same problem as you and ask them for tips and tricks. There are people in all ages at the climbing gym, and people are usually very happy to help you!
The climbing gym itself is full of amazing colors, and just being there makes me happy, and inspired!

Also, It’s the only sport I have tried that doesn’t affect my rheumatism in a bad way! Which is weird because I’m using parts of mybody that would usually affect me.. but no. It works absolutely amazing for me and that is the absolute best part! I’m basically never in pain anymore. I haven’t been able to do any sports in years because of my diagnosis, so this a huge thing for me.

And yes.. you’re always bruised somewhere, your hands usually look like shit and your body is almost always sore somewhere, and you can never have long nails, I ruin all my training clothes… but it’s all worth it.

I think it’s a sport you either love or hate. I fell in love from the first second. I knew from first second that this was something that I was supposed to do for a long time! And it’s such an important part of my life now 🙂 it’s a passion for sure!

Do I have any fellow climbers in here? why do you climb?
Or is there any other thing that is important in your life in a similar way?

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