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10:02 | June 1, 2020

I understand that I will never understand, however I stand

Today I woke up sad…  I haven’t slept much, I took half of the day off yesterday reading and watching videos about what is going on in the US rn. And what has been going on in the whole world for hundreds of years for the matter..
I really wanted to speak up earlier, and I’m sorry I didn’t, but I also really wanted to educate myself first and I didn’t wanted to do or say anything wrong, because as a white privileged person I don’t understand and I will never understand. But being silent is a part of the problem.
I’m not going to post anything makeup related today because I feel like it’s wrong. I’m going to do more research, I’m going to try to use my platforms to educate people about the matter. As a human being, I have an obligation to stand up and fight for equality.

Things you can do to help:
– LISTEN to people in marginalized groups.
– Educate yourselves! Most of us have access to google, youtube and so on. Do your research.
– Donate money to organizations
– Sign petitions, it literally takes MINUTES, and it’s free.
– Take all those uncomfortable discussions with your racist friends and family members.

This is NOT just a TREND going on on social media you guys! This shit is happening EVERY day and had been for a hundreds of years for millions of people. This is not going to disappear after this wave is ”over”

I stand, always <3


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5 kommentarer om “I understand that I will never understand, however I stand”

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  • Bra skrivit! Hälsningar Annelie

  • <3

  • Your research is going to get deeper than you still can imagine. You are a climber and an artist as well, which points to immense intelligence and will power. You are not going to keep resting in the mental traps the system has put up for us.

  • Thank you for adding your voice. May everyone follow your example. Support marginalized groups. Buy from marginalized peoples owned businesses. Help where you can. Self educate!

  • You’re writing this because its trendy and in the news. And then you’ll forget it. The first thing you need to do is look in the mirror. Right now Sweden is allowing its elderly to be massacred by a failed and arrogant policy. Black lives absolutely. But so do old lives. Acknowledge and deal with your deadly situation openly and honestly and then preach to the US.