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08:11 | September 30, 2020

Todays look | Say hello to LiLi Sparkles!

So, if you have missed out I have started dancing burlesque. Something I have been wanting for a long time.
The whole burlesque scene has always enchanted me. Strong and confident (mostly) women in all colors and shapes are represented and I just think it’s a beautiful artform!
When I saw burlesque the first time I was blown away.. I wanted that confidence, I wanted to be exactly that! Glittery, full of joy and self confidence!
I have always loved the scene clothing with all the glitter, the corsets and the headpieces. it’s just…so beautiful and powerful.

I have never really explored my feminine side like this so it’s kind of scary. To do something for myself and totally own the situation. I’m NOT confident with my feminine side and have never really been.
My goal is to be completely cool with my body when I dance. I want to own it and sparkle! That is why I choosed the stage name LiLi Sparkles!
I dont know who I’m going to be on stage yet… am I going to be fun? flirty? rock’n’roll cool? All I know is that I want to wear sparkly things and have fun!

On the pictures above you see pieces of my first costume. I made the headpiece myself out of an old light loop with black roses I bought at Dollarstore last year for Halloween, I sprayed some roses and leaves in gold and added some paper flowers, rhinestones and another headband with pearls as a nice detail.
The Neckpiece is from Noir Romantique, bought it on Etsy a long time ago. I added some leaves and rhinestones to it to match the headpiece better.
The earrings are from Glitter (I think)

Make up deets

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover N03
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics infintiy Filter Medium
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Glam Palette – Flare, Dust, Comet

Pixi Endless Shade Stick Matte Cocoa
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Glam Palette – Flare
Linda Hallberg Interstellar Collision 
House of lashes x Patrick Ta It’s An Afterparty!
Nabla Serial Liner
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara
Stars from Panduro

Anastasia Lip Palette
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Fantastick Lipstick Garnet

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  • Oh wow! Love it Linda, well done!! 🙂

  • Thank you Eva <3

  • Wow! 😍😍

  • <3 <3

  • I retired from Burlesque in the US about two years ago after nine years. I have four awards to my name. It is an incredible and beautiful art that is empowering in pretty much every way. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself. I felt so creatively fulfilled doing it. I stretched myself artistically and physically. It is a fantastic experience and I hope it is the same for you!