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11:05 | October 6, 2020


Inlägget innehåller reklamlänkar

You guys, Latex Fever IS LIVE at Kicks and at our website

This is an outstanding formulation that gives you this amazing shine hour after hour.
The lipstick is low transfer which means it does not transfer as a regular gloss. The color will set and the gloss will stay as a protective film on top. To get the almost kiss proof finish, apply Latex Fever on the lips, wait a bit, don´t press your lips together while it’s setting, and BAAM, there you have it!
It’s non sticky, it’s perfume free, contains nourishing argan oil and you can use it on your lips, eyes and cheeks! (Will show you different makeups this whole week, first look will be up today!)

– To apply it with full color you need to first stir the applicator in the bottle to mix the two components in the formula.
– The color is buildable.
– If you just want a little bit of color you can dab it on with a fingertip.
– As blush, use a sponge to dab it out and you’ll get this AMAZING glow and color!

Many have wondered if it contains latex, and ofc not, it just referres to the shiny look. No latex in our products 🙂

Which one of the colors is your fave?


Price: 279SEK At our website, (reklamlänk) (reklamlänk)
Bangerhead in Finland, Norway and Denmark.

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