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17:25 | January 18, 2022

Makeup artist week – Bouba

Next makeup artist up is @Bouba that I met once in Paris.
Bouba is such a lovely soul, a great artist and I hope we can do something together in the future.


Products used (all from LH cosmetics except lashes)

Fantastick Goldstone

Color palette
tinted brow gel taupe

Brown core crayon
Black core crayon
Color palette
Infinity power lash waterproof mascara

Crayon Sepia
Majestick Mellow mauve
Infinity glass

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11:16 | January 18, 2022

Makeup artist week | Malvina Isfan


This week we are having a makeup artist week at LH cosmetics and are celebrating makeup artists all around the world.
I have recreated/got inspired by one look every day to show my appreciation to these artists
First up is @Malvina_Isfan
if you want to see the tutorials they are all going to be posted on @LHcosmetics Instagram <3

Products used (all from LH cosmetics except the foundation)

Color palette
Spectral palette
interstellar supernova
Enchanted mysteries palette

Infinity glass

Infinity lip gloss mellow mauve



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10:10 | January 17, 2022

Todays look | Lash

Have you ever tried to use LH cosmetics infinity power lash waterproof mascara as eyeliner? 😉
The formula makes an amazing waterproof pitch black eyeliner that stays all day. Apply it with our liner brush and voila!

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09:03 | January 13, 2022

Todays look | Rosy cheeks

Danessa Myricks vision cream cover N03 (reklamlänk)
LH cosmetics infinity filter medium
LH cosmetics Infinity palette 

LH cosmetics velvet couture nougat
LH cosmetics color palette
Danessa Myricks lightwork volume III
LH cosmetics soft volume mascara
House of lashes noir fairy cut in half

LH Cosmetics majestick cherry

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09:01 | January 12, 2022

Todays look | soft pastels


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