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18:01 | September 10, 2020

Why lip primer?


Is the lipstick or lipgloss bleeding out around your mouth or fading really quick? This is completely normal and doesnt have to be that you have a lipstick of poor quality.
Why? because most lipsticks and glosses don’t dry, therefore they will move when you move your mouth, fade, and bleed out into the fine lines we have around the lips.

The bleeding can be avoided by using a lip primer.
The purpose of a lip primer is to create the perfect base for your lipstick and provide smooth lips with longer lasting lip color, AND to prevent the lipstick from bleeding out into fine lines.
A lip primer can be plumping, moisturizing, priming.. there is a primer for every need.
My favorite primers are those who prevents bleeding because I want a lip color that last all day. Another type of primer is actually to set your lipstick with a translucent powder on top.

If I forget my lip primer I always go for a liquid lipstick that I know won’t bleed, but sometimes even the liquid lipsticks bleed out during the day.

A lip primer can really work wonders for a long lasting lip! So instead of buying a lip pencil in every color, get yourself a good lip primer!


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18:01 | September 2, 2020

Why Base and top coat?

Let’s proceed with not only one, but two WHY-products!
These are also two products I thought were unnessecary before I found out the opposite: Base Coat and Top Coat!
I used to walk around telling myself that nail polish just didn’t work for me, that my nails were to thin, and also, they were always yellow because I didn’t use a base coat. Nail polish barely lasted a day and it was flaking before I walked out the door. I didn’t even bother buying a base coat, because I simply didn’t believe in it. Well, wrong was I!

A Base Coat is basically the same thing as a primer for your eyeshadow (as we talked about yesterday). It doesnt only protect your nails from discoloration and staining, it also makes a great base for your colored nail polish and makes it last longer without chipping.
IF you have to skip the base coat for some reason, make sure to use neutral and light colors, because, reds, yellows, blues and darker colors might stain your nails and turn them yellow. And that might be hard to get rid of.

There are many different kinds of base coats: Filling base coats for uneven nail beds, moisturizing base coats for dry and brittle nails, color correcting base coats if your nails are already stained or discolored,  strenghtening base coats, and many more.. So if you know your nails it’s easy to find a good base coat that suits you, they don’t have to be super expensive to be good!


A top coat will protect and seal the color and make your mani last longer. It will provide a shiny, or  if you like – a matte finish to your mani.
By using a top coat you can actually keep your manicure for a couple of extra days.

There are also a lot of different top coats, all from matte, to shiny, to fast drying, to strengthening..


Both products are well invested if you want your manicure to last longer, because they work, I got to know the hard way 😉


Don’t forget to clean your nails from dirt, creams and oils before you paint them, for a longer lasting manicure.

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20:01 | April 14, 2020

Makeup artist week!

From tomorrow I’ll start a “makeup artist week” here and on Instagram!
I will do my take on different makeup artists every day until Sunday.
I will do one video each day on IGTV from tomorrow 🙂

So if you have any tips on makeup artists, hit me!

(the look above is when I did a take on makeup artist @tatianaroseart)

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20:15 | April 13, 2020

Project bedroom

I have been wanting to paint the bedroom for years now. I’m not a big fan of white walls in the whole apartment. I think it’s more personal and it looks more “living” with some color!

So… during all this time home I have finally had some time over to paint the bedroom! The color is a very deep teal that I think is the perfect color. I saw it and was like… yep that’s it. Took me seriously one second to pick the color.
Linus has been a bit sceptic but he really likes it and now he’s like “maybe you can try the living room with the same color.. BUT if it doesn’t turn out good you have to paint it white again” haha
The best thing: I didn’t have to buy ANTYHTING new, except for the paint! I could use old things that didn’t fit with the white walls, and they suddenly look super interesting and new! My two not that well used flower pedestals turned out perfect as bedside tables for example!
I might paint the drawer black as well. don’t know yet! what do you guys think?

Oh how I love interior 😀

Now we have the most perfect bedroom!

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17:01 | March 4, 2020

I will be at The makeup show Amsterdam

You Guys! I’m coming to Amsterdam in June to be a part of The Makeup Show & The Makeup Show Forum!
The Makeup show is from the 18-21 of June
I will have a studio class  10:00 AM – 11:30 PM the 19:th to talk about colors, how to play and work with colors and textures. And I will also be in a panel on stage talking about my carreer.
There are some really awesome speakers at the show and I can really recommend you to go there 🙂
My brand Linda Hallberg cosmetics will also have a small stand to sell our products.

There will be so so many amazing speakers there:  Danessa Myricks, James Vincent, James Molloy, Marie Dausell, Isabel De Vries and more!


Iiiiiih I can’t wait to see you!

For more information about the event, click HERE

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