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18:01 | September 9, 2020

Why waterproof mascara?

Why am I using waterproof mascara instead of a regular mascara?
Why am I using a mascara that is harder to remove on a daily basis?
What is the deal with waterproof mascara and why do I love it so much? I’ll tell you 🙂

Waterproof mascara is a mascara that is cry-proof, rain-proof and even swim-proof! There are also water resistant mascaras, and those mascaras can take some tears, and some rain, but you can usually not swim with them.
When most of us think about waterproof mascara we often think about weddings, funerals or hot summer days on the beach.
For me, waterproof mascara is my go to, every day of the year.

Why? Because waterproof mascara will keep the curl on your lashes that most non WP mascaras won’t, because they don’t contain any water that will weigh down the lashes after curling them.

So if you have very straight lashes that just won’t keep the curl, try a waterproof mascara and see how it works for you! The mascara itself won’t curl the lashes, you need an eyelash curler first, and then apply the mascara after.

Also, FYI, just because a mascara is waterproof doesn’t mean it’s oil proof! if you have very oily eyelids or under eye areas they might transfer after a couple of hours. But this is easily avoided by applying a powder on the oily areas.

How do I remove a WP mascara?
Don’t waste your time trying to rub it off with your regular makeup remover, rubbing will damage the skin around the eyes and also your lashes. Use a gentle two-phase remover on a cotton pad, (available with oil, and oil free) keep the pad on the eye for a couple of seconds and then just wipe it off.  I like to use a waterproof makeup remover to remove all my makeup because it takes it off so much faster 🙂


I launched my dream mascara a while ago: Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara, and you can get it HERE


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18:01 | September 8, 2020

Why Heat Protection?

You may have heard about heat protection for your hair?
It’s often a spray, but can also be a mousse, or a cream that you apply in your hair before using heat tools.
Sometimes it gives you some texture to the hair, sometimes not, there are different types of heat protection: Heat protections that are ONLY heat protections, and combined ones that are also some kind of styling products.

The heat protecting spray is used to protect your hair from heat damage when you are for example blow drying it, curling it or straightening it.
Although a heat protection will reduce the damage by adding a protecting layer on the surface of the hair, it will not take away the fact that heat styling tools are damaging the hair, so if you are a person who is using heat tools a lot, you should definitely invest in a good heat protecting product.


Do you use heat protection?


Above are some of my faves:
Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray is a thin spray that is also cutting down the blow dry time. Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Budgie The Multitasking All-in-one-mist is a styling mist that is detangling, caring, provides shine, and has heat protection! Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray: A caring heat protection that prevents split ends. Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Rapunzel of Sweden Blow Dry Cream: This one seems to be out of stock and can’t be purchased anymore. 🙁 Anyhow I LOVE how this smells!


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18:51 | September 3, 2020

Why Setting powder?

I have always loved setting powder! Literally no foundation sits all day without a setting powder on top, I found that out pretty early, and whoooaaa I was matte the first years of wearing it! (loved it a little bit too much)
I know many people that are literally scared of using powder, this is mostly the older generation who grew up with thick and cakey powders that really dried out the skin and made the skin look really, really dry.

A setting powder is not the same thing as a foundation powder, or a regular colored compact face powder. It’s usually a very very fine powder that you don’t feel on the skin.

The mission of a setting powder is to hold the foundation in place all day, to set it, like a primer, but on top instead of underneath.
When you apply a liquid foundation and a setting powder on top you “lock” the foundation. It lasts longer and will be harder to rub off if you or anyone else touches your face. It also controls shine, or can provide more glow if you prefer a dewy powder.

A setting powder can come in different colors (usually slightly tinted) or be translucent. I prefer using a setting powder that it either translucent or a color that is a bit lighter than a persons skin tone because when the pigments in the powder melts together with the foundation they often gets darker than when the powder is dry.
I prefer to apply setting powder with a powder puff on people with oily skin, and with a fluffy brush on people with more dry skin.
I also use setting powder on a bare face to mattify.

There are different types of setting powders, there are powders for oily skin, for combined skin, dry skin, powders with skin caring properties for mature skin, or powders for color correcting.. so make sure to know your skin type and look for a powder that suits YOUR skin type, because all setting powders does not work for everyone.

Are you a powder person?

Above I have listed three setting powders I really like.
1. Paris Berlin Ultra HD Loose Powder – A great setting powder that will even out your skin tone and set the foundation. Available in two shades.
2. Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Filter – This award winning mineral based powder will keep the moisture in your skin and provide a natural matte finish with a little bit of glow to the skin while blurring out fine lines and pores.. It’s paraben and talc-free. It’s literally an Instagram filter in a jar! Available in three shades.
3. Danessa Myricks Evolution Powder – Can be used as an oil control primer under your foundation, as a setting powder or applied with a damp sponge for more coverage. Minimizes fine lines and pores. Available in nine shades.

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18:01 | September 2, 2020

Why Base and top coat?

Let’s proceed with not only one, but two WHY-products!
These are also two products I thought were unnessecary before I found out the opposite: Base Coat and Top Coat!
I used to walk around telling myself that nail polish just didn’t work for me, that my nails were to thin, and also, they were always yellow because I didn’t use a base coat. Nail polish barely lasted a day and it was flaking before I walked out the door. I didn’t even bother buying a base coat, because I simply didn’t believe in it. Well, wrong was I!

A Base Coat is basically the same thing as a primer for your eyeshadow (as we talked about yesterday). It doesnt only protect your nails from discoloration and staining, it also makes a great base for your colored nail polish and makes it last longer without chipping.
IF you have to skip the base coat for some reason, make sure to use neutral and light colors, because, reds, yellows, blues and darker colors might stain your nails and turn them yellow. And that might be hard to get rid of.

There are many different kinds of base coats: Filling base coats for uneven nail beds, moisturizing base coats for dry and brittle nails, color correcting base coats if your nails are already stained or discolored,  strenghtening base coats, and many more.. So if you know your nails it’s easy to find a good base coat that suits you, they don’t have to be super expensive to be good!


A top coat will protect and seal the color and make your mani last longer. It will provide a shiny, or  if you like – a matte finish to your mani.
By using a top coat you can actually keep your manicure for a couple of extra days.

There are also a lot of different top coats, all from matte, to shiny, to fast drying, to strengthening..


Both products are well invested if you want your manicure to last longer, because they work, I got to know the hard way 😉


Don’t forget to clean your nails from dirt, creams and oils before you paint them, for a longer lasting manicure.

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18:01 | September 1, 2020

Why Eyeshadow primer?

I have decided to do a series of posts where I go through different kind of products. Why and how you can use them! Pretty much simple tips on simple products.

Let’s start with one of my favorites: Eyeshadow Primer!

Are you experiencing creasing eyeshadow? eyeshadow that is falling down your cheeks during the day, or eyeshadow that just won’t stick to your dry eyelids?

An eyeshadow primer will make your eyeshadow stick to your eyelid, prevent your eyeshadow from creasing and from falling down during the day, it’s like a glue for your eyeshadow.
Before I became a makeup artist I thought eyeprimer was just a trick for the staff to sell me more products.. that was not the case, and I continued my life with oily eyelids and creasing eyeshadow.

An eyeshadow primer will also enhance the payoff of your eyeshadow, and make it look more even.
Tip: if you want to create a really bright eye makeup, use a white eyeshadow primer!

There are eye primers for oily eyelids, and for more dry eyelids, there are colored ones, and transparent ones. There are even specific primers for glitter eyeshadows, these are more sticky to make big glitter particles stick to the skin.

You can also use eye pencils as primers for your eyeshadow, if you want to create a super black smoky eye for example I would recommend using a black pencil as a base instead of a transparent eyeshadow primer.

I have listed my favorite primers above:
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion Original – Love this for a long wear makeup. Works very well for oily eyelids as well! (reklamlänk/adlink)
2. NYX professional makeup Glitter Primer – This primer is great if you want to work with loose glitters, they stick very well to this primer. (reklamlänk/adlink)
3. Linda Hallberg Black Core Crayon – This Crayon is amazing to use under a smokey eye.
4. Linda Hallberg White Core Crayon – A white Crayon that can be used under any color to make it really pop!


If there is any “Why-product” you want me to write about, any product you find unneccesary or just want to know more about? tell me!


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