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16:01 | April 16, 2016



Jag tycker vi kör en “dagens fråga” idag, och den ska handla om du någon gång ångrat ett skönhetsingrepp du gjort!
Du kanske gjorde ett ingrepp pga att någon annan tyckte du skulle göra det, eller väldigt spontant på en billig salong? Blev det inte bra, och varför ångrade du dig?

Helt enkelt, har du någon gång ångrat ett skönhetsingrepp, och varför?

/Todays question: Have you ever had a plastic surgery gone wrong?

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21:49 | February 8, 2016



Hey Gyus! This will be a long post, but I answered some of your questions and translated them into english, I thought it was easier if everything was in english, otherwise this would be like the longest post in the world 😛

Who is your role model in makeup? Lots of hugs! You are so cool and inspire me very much! Thank you
-Thank you so much 🙂
I really love Val Garland, Alex Box and Pat McGrath!  

Maybe not the funniest question – but can you please tell me the makeup brushes you use most? You don’t mention it in your videos and I’m so curious about this
Then another question – is it possible to cover the fine lines under the eye ?? Whatever I do, they are still there!
Thanks for a great blog and great inspiration
-Thank you much!
I use a lot of different brushes!  Make Up Store, sigma, jacks beauty line, RT etc … 🙂
The fine lines under the eyes is something we all get sooner or later, try not to put so much make up under the eyes, the more makeup you put, the more lines you get. And use eye cream!

Hey! I wonder how long you and Linus have been together and how you met?
You are awesome, hug
– Thank you 🙂 We have been together for almost four years  ow 🙂 We met through a mutual friend. And so he became friends with all my friends on Facebook, except me .. and I wondered what his problem was? Then the rest is history. There was never a game between us, everything felt right from the start, which was really nice 🙂

Hey! Thanks for an awesome blog! I love that you have started to get a little more personal on your blog and show what you do during the day! Can you film when you do freelance work sometime?
And what does your tattoos mean?
Lots of love to you! You are awesome never forget det✨
– Hello! Thousand thanks! I’m so happy you like it 🙂 I’ll try to vlog a little bit more when I do something fun. The thing is that you usually do not get to film or photograph the shoots, or you just don’t have time to do it. 
What my tattoos mean? The numbers on my wrist is the time of day when I was born. The magpie on the arm is mostly because I think Magpies are beautiful birds, the text on the back of the arm is a text  from a band called Poets of the Fall, so I tattooed it with my mother’s handwriting. The tattoos on my leg is just a lot of things that I think is pretty. 🙂 So they don’t really mean anything.

I have a question! I remember I was watching you when you were much younger. You were blonde and la lot of powder under the eye. Where do I find the video? 
-Hi! Oh! I still have my old youtube channel “micromiss”, so look there 🙂 haha

Hey! I wonder what camera you normally use when you’re shooting?
-Hey! At the moment I use a Nikon D7100

Hey! I’ve just been on my first make up internship and I thought it was super bad! The light was terrible and it was a stressful time and we got to do hair done when we had not even gone through it in class yet. So right now everything feels kind of bad. Have you made any mistakes? How was it the beginning for you? Can you give some advice? Love your blog and get lots of inspiration huh day! Hug cissi
– Hi Cissi! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 You learn to work quickly and under stress. Learning by doing, ’cause often it is very stressful. I have always been fast in makeup so for me the time has not been a problem really. But you learn! Often one is very self-critical and do not think you do a good job, even if you are! And often places have bad lightning as well! It is far from all the places it is who has good studio lights in makeup and hair. I have used a dim small toilet as a makeup studio several times! 
In the beginning I had like 5 jobs att the same time while earning nothing on makeup. but it is the beginning. You have to make a network before you start making money. Find your thing, do not do everything,  focus on what you are good at! And above all, be yourself and be humble 🙂

What is your favorite primer? Feel free to name more than a primer if you have several favorites.
What do you use hair products?
What do you use facial products (cleanser, toner, face mask, day / night cream, etc. …
In which store to shop any clothes?
– Oh, I do not know what my favoritprimer is .. probably Angel veil from NYX , or the Nivea for men after shave balm!

I do not use so much hair products! but I use Exit hair care shampoo and conditioner, GHD split end repair rescue cream, and hairspray from Exit. I also use a dry schampoo from Blow pro! When it comes to facial products I use loreals Eye & Lip remover to remove eye makeup. Then REN evercalm cleansing gel to the face. And then I use a serum from Beauté pacifiques, and face oil from Me Anima.
I almost shop all my clothes at H&M!

Hey! Fun with Q/A! I would like to know if you have a favorite side of the face? If you like one side more than the other when you do make up? I have always wondered :)! For me some stuff easier on one side than others!
Then I wonder even if you have a favorite product that does not exist anymore?
Thanks to you and your blog,I really learned so much from you
-Hi Lina! My left side is my favorite site! Because I have a scar on my right eyebrow that makes makeup look a bit uneven. BUT,when I laugh with his mouth open, the right side better 🙂 haha

Oh, a product that does not exist anymore. it was difficult. but yes! It’s Too Faced Enchanted glamor land-palette! oh my god its pretty. But it does not exist anymore. Ooh!

Hi Linda!

What makeup did you have on your graduation? What would you recommend to look for graduation? Want something relatively natural but still extra fine for the special day
– Hi! Oh, I didn’t use much makeup,  I guess I just had a little bit of mascara, maybe a little eye shadow I think it’s nice to make a nice and clean look for graduation, but make:) But as long as you feel comfortable in it, wear whatever you want! 🙂

I wonder what you think of eyelash extensions? Your opinion and experience of it. If you have any tips on that too.
-I think it’s super nice if it’s nicely done! I tried it in Thailand once, and hated how it felt. took them away after only a few days

Hey! How do you do to not smear all eyeliner and eyeshadow when you bend your eyelashes?
-Try not to curl as close to the lash line as you do, or curl the lashes before you apply eyeliner and mascara 🙂

What are your tips for foundations to someone who has dry skin? I have tested some but everyone looks strange at the dry areas.
-Hey! First, try to maybe replace your skincare so that your skin becomes less dry! it tends to be the easiest solution, otherwise, use a light, oil-based foundation and skip the powder!

Hello, I’m one of your older readers who will be 37 this summer and I wonder what your top tip is to make up your eyes when you begin to lose elasticity in the skin and you get some lines and wrinkles, like myself. it’s very difficult to get an even result. Eyeshadows get cakey and eyeliners smear. Can you give some good tips, or do you ever do makeup on older people?
-Hello! My best tip is to skip shimmer in makeup! shimmers makes lines and wrinkles more visible. Matte makeup gives the opposite effect, both on the eyes and face. Also, be a bit careful with the powder if you have some wrinkles because it can enhance the lines. However, it is nice to add a little bit of shimmer on the cheekbones, or just skip the powder there too so the skin gets natural shine from your foundation / colored day cream

Try to put some eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner pencil to make it last all day!
At the waterline, I can recommend Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner-! it’s super!

Favorite person to apply makeup? Famous or less famous?
-I think that Fredrik Robertsson is amazingly fun to apply makeup on. he likes a bit more extreme stuff, a little bit gothic and messy outside of the box, just like i like it! 

Hey! What do you think of cosmetic tattoos for eyebrows and lips? The so-called “taffy” method.
-Hi! I think everyone should get to do exactly what they wants, as long as you feel good, then do it! 🙂 I would never tattoo my brows or lips tho, I’m to afraid that I wouldn’t be satisfied with the result. 

But I think it is a superb alternative if you do not like/can paint them yourself, or that perhaps had any illness that make you loose your hair, or simply because you want to do it 🙂

Hi Linda!
I have followed you since my first child was born in 2009. You inspired me to get an education in Stockholm and now I’m working a little extra on Make up store. However, I have always wondered if you have any thoughts on how to combine your profession with children in the future? Or you may not have plans for children in the future?  grateful for the response and look forward to continue following your journey!
Mvh Li
-Hi Li! I love that you have been around since the beginning 🙂 I think I will be able to combine work and children in the future as long as I do not run into complications.  I feel like I want to keep going with the blog even if I have children, I think. perhaps I will focus on ONE thing instead of 50 at the same time when I get kids, I want to keep my future kids away from all possible stress. but of course I want to work and be creative even with children in the future 🙂

How much do you workout? What do you eat ? Are you weak for sweets , in that case, what?
– I have not been at the gym for like, 2.5 months .. otherwise I usually try to work out at the gym atleast 3-4 days a week. I eat vegetarian food, but fish sometimes, like when I eat out a lot because vegetarian food containing gluten, and I am also gluten allergic. So I eat fish sometimes to get my protein.

I am extremely fond of sweets and eat way too much sugar. I would probably say that I’m sugar addict. Chocolate is the worst. What would I do without chocolate? and licorice. YUM.

Love your looks and tutorials!
Have two questions. 1, if you happen to buy a to dark /to light foundation, what do you do with the foundations? You throw them away, or can you use them in any other way?
2, is there any product/color that you could never imagine working with?
– Thank you dear! I am working as MUA so can always use “wrong”  colors on other people. But you can use a dark color either as shading, or why not in the summer? A light color, you can use as highlight. I never throw products away, I use to give them away 🙂 Or why not donate to Women’s shelters ?

I would not use false eyelashes that are made out of mink for example ..

Hi Linda! First I just want to tell you That you’re a true inspiration to me and I think you’re the most talented make-up artist out there
My questions are:

1) When you start doing your make-up in the morning do you follow the daytime / nighttime ‘rule’ keeping it simple and basic or you just wear whatever you want? (For example: would you wear a black smokey look during daytime?)
2) Is there a color you think it suits you more than others?
3) if You could create your own make-up product what would it be, Which packaging would it have and how would you name it?
4) how many languages ​​do you speak?
5) What’s your favorite book?
6) Is there a song you’re addicted to at the moment?
7) Food You could NEVER live without?
8) Are you planning some trips for the summer?
I think These Are enough questions
-Thank you sooo much 🙂
1. I always start my day with Base and brows, maybe lips. I do not go out with smoky eyes that much in the daytime 🙂
2. I think red eyeshadow suits me very well, and purple lipstick!
3. Oh, that’s a bit of a secret, what if I’m Already creating it? 🙂
4. I speak english and swedish. I studied French for six years, but I would not say that i speak it. And I also studied Italian.
5. Favorite book .. Hmm, I do not read That much ’cause I do not really have time.
6. Not really, I’ts always different depending wich mood I’m in
7. CHEESE, mashed potatoes, and different kind of stews. I LOVE stews
8. I wanna go to Sweden Rock Festival! Otherwise I have not planned anything

Hey Linda
My question is, how many makeups do you make on yourself a day? somethimes you share two make-up a day or share the evening make-up or very artistic make-up, do you wear it all day or after shooting you just remove this makeups?
do you somethimes regret That you’ll have to remove this creative makeups?
Have a nice day!
– Julie
-Hey Julie 🙂

I do one or twos day, depending on what I will do the next day. If I know that I will not have time to do a make-up the next day I do two makeups , or three sometimes if I have much to do. Often I remove the makeup just a little while after I applied them. I love having a naked face 🙂 But yeah, sometimes I do not really want to remove them .. haha

Haha maybe a stupid question but when you are on mission, how do you do when you use mascara on one person? As I understood it then one can not share mascara (or makeup in general?) With each other (?) So do you clean it to reach the way between each time, or how do you? 🙂
And do you have plans to stay in Sweden the rest of your career, or do you move to the US, for example to work there?
– Hey! I use a separate brush and only use it once in the mascara-tube, if I have to make another layer of mascara, I use a new separate brush in the mascara tube 🙂 then I wash them after every use!
Right now I want to stay in Sweden for a while. But who knows? I really wanna move to LA sometime. 

How do you think your life looks like in five years if you have to choose? Job? Family? Personal development ect.
– Hi 🙂 I probably will have a kid or two, I will work with something that I love and I will definitely learn how not to stress that much. That’s my biggest challenge! the stress, and learn how to say no.

Do you have any makeup trend that you just can’t stand, or wonder why it became so popular?
– I don’t like extreme contouring on a daily basis. Already skinny girls/boys are contouring their faces so much that you don’t recognize them anymore! Thats pretty sad I think! Otherwise I don’t really follow trends, I do what I think is cool or look pretty 🙂

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16:20 | February 7, 2016



Det var sååå längesen jag hade en frågestund här i bloggen nu!
Så nu tänkte jag att det är dags för er att fråga mig allt mellan himmel och jord, och så försöker jag svara på lite nya frågor! (många frågor återkommer väldigt ofta och går att hitta via sökfunktionen här i bloggen)
Vill ni veta vad jag är rädd för? vilken som är min förebild? Hur många tatueringar jag har osv? Fråga på 🙂 Så kommer jag göra ett separat inlägg om det sen

/I haven’t had a Q/A for a looong time now!
So now I think it’s your turn to ask me a lot of questions, what do you wanna know about me?
I will answer the questions in a separate post later 🙂

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19:01 | January 3, 2016



Dagens fråga är ett känsligt ämne som många pratar om, nämligen: När är det okej att börja använda smink? Borde makeup ha någon åldersgräns?
När började ni använda makeup, hur gamla var ni? Vad har ni för åsikt om att makeup och skönhet sjunker alltmer nedåt i åldrarna? Och om ni själva har barn, när tycker ni det är okej att era döttrar, eller söner börjar använda smink?

Jag själv tycker detta är ett extremt svårt!
Jag tycker såklart att man ska vara barn så länge man kan, och slippa uppfylla alla normer , och den ångest det ofta medför för unga tjejer och killar som inte ser ut som normen säger att de ska göra. Så på ett vis skulle jag vilja sätta åldersgräns på smink, men å andra sidan skulle jag inte vilja sätta stopp för alla kreativa själar där ute som gillar att måla, rita och klä ut sig hemma!
Jag har ju själv inte barn, men hade jag haft ett så skulle jag absolut vilja att hen väntade så länge som möjligt med att sminka sig till vardags.

Vad tycker ni? Det ska bli otroligt intressant att se vad ni har för tankar kring detta!

(bilder från pinterest)

/Today’s question is a sensitive topic that many people talk about: When is it okay to start wearing makeup? Should makeup have an age limit?
When did you start using makeup, how old were you? What is your opinion about makeup and beauty  steadily is going down the ages? And if you yourself have children, when do you think it is okay that your daughters or sons begin to use makeup?

I myself think this is extremely difficult!
I think we should be children as long as we can, and avoid thinking about all the standards, and the anxiety that often leads to young girls who do not look like the standard says they should do.
So in a way I would put age restriction on makeup, but on the other hand, I would not like to stop to all creative souls out there who like to paint and draw. I myself have no children, but I would definitely let him/her waited as long as possible by using makeup to achieve the “demands” as the norm says that you should be.

What do you think? It will be incredibly interesting to your thoughts on this!

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15:01 | November 9, 2015



Hej finisar!
Nu är det snart dags för mig att spela in veckans tutorial och jag vill såklart veta vad ni vill se härnäst i youtube-kanalen! 😀

Och, vad vill ni se mer/mindre av här i bloggen?
Berätta! Era åsikter är superviktiga för mig 🙂

/Hey guys!
it’s time to record this weeks tutorial on my youtube channel!
What do you most of all wanna see?

AND.. what do you wanna see more/less of here on my blog, tell me? 🙂

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