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17:01 | December 23, 2019

Video | Graphic Cut crease

Beautybay invited me to their office and record this video where I show you a graphic cut crease with The Fusion Kit & Enchanted Mysteries Palette! Hope you like it!

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15:01 | July 21, 2019

Buy any palette, get a crayon for free!

Today is the last day of our weekend offer – Get any palette and get a crayon for free 🙂
The offer is only valid at our website and not through our retailers </3
Click on the picture or HERE to get to the website

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12:29 | February 19, 2019

Something is about to happen.. again

Det händer igen. Gissa på! 😉



It’s happening again 😉
You are free to guess!

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08:01 | September 7, 2018

I did my moms makeup!

Skulle egentligen lagt upp en video igår.. meeeen teknik och jag verkar inte gå ihop så det blev ingen video, den kommer på måndag istället 🙂
Med i videon är min kära mor som jag gör en sminkning på. Fokus var att göra en ganska kraftig makeup för hooded eyes som ändå syns bra under glasögon!

Iallafall, tog ju även lite bilder 🙂 Så här kommer dom, och produktlista.

ENGLISH: Was supposed to post a video yesterday, but me and technical things does not really work out very well.. soooo. It will be up on Monday instead.
Anyway. My mon debuted as a youtube model and we focused on doing a makeup for hooded eyes suitable for glasses.

I took some pictures as well. So here we go. Product list below!

Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Medium & Deep (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Fantastick Lipstick Goldstone (reklamlänk)

Soap from Muji on brows
Linda Hallberg Infinity palette (reklamlänk)

Urban Decay Primer Potion original (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Black Core Crayon (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Levy Flash Crayon (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Infinity palette (reklamlänk)
Linda Hallberg Metallic Mysteries palette – Collision

Linda Hallberg Fantastick Lipstick Goldstone (reklamlänk)

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18:44 | July 4, 2018

New video is up! FantaStick No Foundation Summer Look

här kommer en “no foundation-video” där jag även visar hur du kan använda våra nya FantaStick Lipsticks <3

Here’s a “no foundation-video” I show you how you can use our new FantaStick Lipsticks as well 🙂

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