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18:01 | September 23, 2020

VISEART Grande Pro Volume 3

One palette I’m very excited about is the Grand Pro Volume 3 by Viseart!
It’s an all matte pigment palette with both bright and more neutral tones. A dream for me as a makeup artist!
The colors are very pigmented but also easy to blend, I feel like the formula is a bit more powdery in this palette than in their smaller palettes.
Some of the colors are also overlapping the Editorial Brights Palette & Dark Mattes. So have that in consideration if you already have them.

But hey. look at this dream of a palette?? I can’t wait to create some nice looks with it!

The palette is on the more pricey side, it’s almost 2000 SEK ($175 USD) But for a makeup artist, or for a makeup junkie, it’s worth it.


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18:01 | September 22, 2020

Review – Nabla Close up foundation

One foundation that I have totally forgot to tell you about is the Close-up foundation from Italian brand Nabla.
The foundation divides into three groups: Light, Medium, Tan and Deep, comes in 30 shades and you can get them in both minis (9,5ml) or full size (30ml) which I think is amazing! I love minis!
Close up foundation is a luminous matte foundation (on me it’s more matte than luminous) and has a medium buildable coverage.

I usually use this foundation on people with very oily skin because I think it gives a very nice and natural finish. It doesnt cover up flaws like pimples and stuff so you need to spot conceal underneath.
I really like the natural coverage and it’s a great everyday foundation, but maybe not for a very dry skin.
It’s vegan and Cruelty Free.

Right now I’m using a mix of L35 Light and M05 Medium and have used a sponge to apply it with for more coverage. For less coverage you can use a brush.
I think it stays on the skin very well during the day

Minis are € 12,90, full size € 25,90

Have you tried this? what do you think about it?

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18:01 | August 17, 2020

20% off all eye products at Kicks!

Just nu har Kicks 20% på alla ögonprodukter, vilken inkluderar alla våra paletter, Crayons, Interstellar, och vår fantastiska mascara!
Klicka HÄR eller på bilden för att komma till Kicks <3

Right now Kicks has 20% off all eye products, which includes all our Palettes, Crayons, Interstellar, and our amazing Mascara!
Klick HERE or at the picture to get to Kicks<3

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13:38 | August 3, 2020

Still problems with the blog

Hej på er!
Det är tyvärr fortfarande problem med bloggen… jag kommer bara in väldigt sporadiskt och kan alltså inte skriva några inlägg eller posta bilder. Förra veckan kom jag in och förinställde massa inlägg men har inget lager denna veckan, så hoppas att teknikerna kan lösa vad som är problemet.

Har det fungerat för er att gå in på bloggen eller strular det för er också?

Unfortunately there are still some issues with the blog, I can log in sometimes, but most times it doesnt work at all, so I can’t post on a regular basis. Last week I was lucky and could schedule a lot of looks, but I don’t have more to share right now… So I have to start creating!
Hope that the technicians are going to figure out what’s wrong soon!

Are you having problems visiting my blog or not?

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11:48 | July 28, 2020

Am I back in business?

Hey guys, I have had some issues with the blog since last week and haven’t been able to log in at all..

Hope this issue is solved by now!

Anyway. As you may have noticed I’m not as active right now because, well, it’s summer, I had vacation for three weeks, and right now other people in my company are having vacation so I have to jump in and take care of things. And that unfortunately takes time from the blog. But I’m active on Instagram, doing videos at @lindahallbergcosmetics and at my own account 🙂
And at least I’m posting my looks here everyday! so there is something to come back to 🙂

see you <3


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