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19:55 | April 15, 2020

Just a very pretty lip pencil – Headbang

I have totally forgot about this gem from Melt cosmetics.
Allday Everyday lipliner in color Headbang is the most perfect shade!
The formula is soft and creamy and goes on the lips very easy. You can either wear it all over the lips or with a lipstick.

Available at for $17.00 and it seems like its out of stock at Beautybay and at Melts own website.

how do you like these kind of shades on the lips?

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16:14 | March 20, 2020

Martinson King Invisible cleanse dry shampoo

you know that I’m always looking for the perfect dry shampoo… will I ever find it? I don’t know. Anyhow it’s fun to try out new ones 🙂

the last one I’ve tried our is Invisible cleanse dry shampoo from Martinson King.
it’s an Invisible dry shampoo that gives the hair a clean and fresh feeling to the hair. The hair doesn’t get gritty at all. Just fresh! The scent is just very fresh. Doesnt take over.

I really like it! Havent tried it on dark hair yet though. Have you?

Martinson King focuses on sustainable & vegan products! Can’t wait to read more about the brand

Price: SEK 275/300ml HERE (reklamlänk)

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19:29 | March 15, 2020

The Corona Virus

The world is chaos.. The Coronavirus is everywhere and pretty much everyone is affected in some way.
It’s absolutely awful and it feels like being in some kind of weird horror movie when you see all the empty shelves in the grocery stores.. It’s super weird.

What do I think about the situation?
I think it’s VERY important to listen to REAL facts and not listen to everything you hear and see on social media. Check your sources before you post facts that are not true. Also, I think that there is no need to panic and buy shit loads of toilet paper.

I’m also not very afraid of catching the virus myself, because I would probably be just fine. I trust myself and I know I’m good with my hygiene, I wash my hands and so on. But I know other people aren’t. I see people caughing and sneezing out in the air all the time.. and that is irritating AF. Why can’t people just listen and accept the guidelines!!  Sneeze and cough in your arm! And if you feel sick in any way. STAY AT HOME, and show respect!

I’m just afraid that IF I catch the virus, I could spread it to people that maybe won’t make it. That is why next week, I’m not going to be at the office. I’m not going to attend any events or anything. I’m trying to avoid the subway as much as I can and also avoid be among large groups of people.

Everything is just so weird..

How do you feel about the Coronavirus? How is the situation in your country?


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17:01 | March 10, 2020

Is this my new favorite mascara?


Jag har nyligen provat två nya mascaror från Isadora
Lash Energy Treatment Mascara Clear och Lash Energy Treatment Mascara Black.

Huvudfokus här är att ge näring för friskare och starkare fransar!
Båda varianterna innehåller samma ingredienser
Marina Algextrakt: stimulerar och renar samt stöttar mikrocirkulationen och cellförnyelsen
Vegetabiliska Extrakt: Skyddar fransarna från yttre påfrestningar.

Varför finns det två varianter?

Clear – Vill du inte använda mascara men addera lite lyster och volym är denna kanon, denna kan du även använda på natten som en vårdande behandling. Jag tycker även den funkar bra som en primer under den svarta mascaran.

Black: Har samma egenskaper som den genomskinliga men ger även volym, längd och färg.

Pris: 189:- styck men finns just nu hos Kicks för 151.20:-

Clear HÄR (reklamlänk)
Black HÄR (reklamlänk)


ENGLISH: I recently tried two new mascaras from Isadora
Lash Energy Treatment Mascara Clear and Lash Energy Treatment Mascara Black.

The main focus here is to nourish healthier and stronger lashes!
Both of these mascaras contains the same ingredients.
Marine Algae extract: stimulates and cleanses and supports microcirculation and cell renewal
Vegetable Extracts: Protects the lashes from external stress.

Why are there two variants?

Clear – If you do not want to use mascara but add some luster and volume is this one is great, you can also use it at night as a nurturing treatment. I also think it works well as a primer under the black mascara.

Black: Has the same characteristics as the transparent but also provides volume, length and color.

Price: 189SEK

På första bilden har jag använt Clear, den ger faktiskt en del volym och mycket glans till fransarna. Den torkar dock ganska mycket långsammare än den svarta. Denna kommer jag använda på natten som en treatment.
Den svarta däremot… DAMN vilka fransar jag får av den!  Har bara lagt ett lager och den ger verkligen både längd och volym! Kan det vara så att jag fått en ny favorit? Kanske.
Upplever inte att mascaran klumpar sig eller ger fall down under dagen. Älskar dessutom gummiborsten.

Stor tumme upp från mig!


In the first picture I used Clear, it actually gives some volume and a lot of shine to the lashes. However, it dries quite a bit slower than the black ones. I will use at night as a treatment.
The black one however … DAMN! Just added one layer and it really gives both length and volume! Could it be that I got a new favorite? Perhaps.
It’s not clumpy, and there is no fall down during the day. Also love the rubber brush.

Big thumbs up from me!

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08:01 | March 2, 2020

Starting to get tired of my hair

Jag börjar få lite hår-panik… igen

Börjar bli trött på att vara blond och inte direkt ha någon frisyr. Lugg var kul men jobbigt för mig med oljig panna.. Dessutom ville den helst spreta åt alla håll. Och nu har den växt ut så mycket att jag inte vet om jag vill klippa den eller spara ut igen.
nu är håret mest nån form av kråkbos-kaos med hälften av håret på utväxt efter att jag bränt av det med blekning.

Jag vill typ färga håret pastellrosa eller nåt sånt kul.. Kanske rosa botten som fadear ut till blont, typ som peruken på första bilden? Nånting vill jag definitivt göra, fast helt utan mörk botten som jag alltid envisats med att ha innan.
Jag älskar hur rosa liksom matchar och missmatchar så snyggt till allt. Ett plus är att rosa är snyggt hela tiden, från dess att man färgar, tills dess att håret är ljust igen! och sånt gillas ju.
Kan nästan sakna tiden jag själv höll på med färger i håret. När blev jag för feg för att färga håret i kul färger? nä nu är det på tiden att göra nåt kul snart

I’m thinking of changing my hair … again
Starting to get tired of being blonde and not having any real hairstyle. Bangs was fun but hard for me with an oily forehead and pretty thin hair ..  And now it has grown out so much that I do not know if I want to cut it or save it again.
Now the hair is mostly some kind chaos with half the hair on outgrowth after I burnt it off with bleach. I think I want to dye my hair pastel pink .. Maybe pink roots that fades to blonde? kind of like the wig in the first picture? I definitely want to do something, but without a dark roots that I have always insisted on having before. I love how pink as well matches and mismatches so nicely to everything. A plus is that pink is great all the time, from when you dye it, until it fades out..I can almost miss the time I experimented with colors myself. When did I become too cowardly to dye my hair in fun colors? It is time to do something fun soon!

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