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10:55 | September 11, 2020

Todays look | Contrasts

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover N03
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics infintiy Filter Medium
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics infinity Palette – Maffei, Cigar
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Fantastick Lipstick Pink Opal as blush
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics H2Glow Face Mist

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Anger Mood Crayon
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Spectral Palette – Abstract, Occult
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics infinity Palette – Zwicky
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Deep Palette -Mars
Nabla Serial Liner
House Of Lashes x Patrick Ta It’s A Look
Tarte Lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Fantastick Lipstick Pink Opal

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18:01 | September 10, 2020

Why lip primer?


Is the lipstick or lipgloss bleeding out around your mouth or fading really quick? This is completely normal and doesnt have to be that you have a lipstick of poor quality.
Why? because most lipsticks and glosses don’t dry, therefore they will move when you move your mouth, fade, and bleed out into the fine lines we have around the lips.

The bleeding can be avoided by using a lip primer.
The purpose of a lip primer is to create the perfect base for your lipstick and provide smooth lips with longer lasting lip color, AND to prevent the lipstick from bleeding out into fine lines.
A lip primer can be plumping, moisturizing, priming.. there is a primer for every need.
My favorite primers are those who prevents bleeding because I want a lip color that last all day. Another type of primer is actually to set your lipstick with a translucent powder on top.

If I forget my lip primer I always go for a liquid lipstick that I know won’t bleed, but sometimes even the liquid lipsticks bleed out during the day.

A lip primer can really work wonders for a long lasting lip! So instead of buying a lip pencil in every color, get yourself a good lip primer!


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18:01 | September 9, 2020

Why waterproof mascara?

Why am I using waterproof mascara instead of a regular mascara?
Why am I using a mascara that is harder to remove on a daily basis?
What is the deal with waterproof mascara and why do I love it so much? I’ll tell you 🙂

Waterproof mascara is a mascara that is cry-proof, rain-proof and even swim-proof! There are also water resistant mascaras, and those mascaras can take some tears, and some rain, but you can usually not swim with them.
When most of us think about waterproof mascara we often think about weddings, funerals or hot summer days on the beach.
For me, waterproof mascara is my go to, every day of the year.

Why? Because waterproof mascara will keep the curl on your lashes that most non WP mascaras won’t, because they don’t contain any water that will weigh down the lashes after curling them.

So if you have very straight lashes that just won’t keep the curl, try a waterproof mascara and see how it works for you! The mascara itself won’t curl the lashes, you need an eyelash curler first, and then apply the mascara after.

Also, FYI, just because a mascara is waterproof doesn’t mean it’s oil proof! if you have very oily eyelids or under eye areas they might transfer after a couple of hours. But this is easily avoided by applying a powder on the oily areas.

How do I remove a WP mascara?
Don’t waste your time trying to rub it off with your regular makeup remover, rubbing will damage the skin around the eyes and also your lashes. Use a gentle two-phase remover on a cotton pad, (available with oil, and oil free) keep the pad on the eye for a couple of seconds and then just wipe it off.  I like to use a waterproof makeup remover to remove all my makeup because it takes it off so much faster 🙂


I launched my dream mascara a while ago: Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara, and you can get it HERE


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08:01 | September 9, 2020

Todays look | Pearl Crease

Linda Hallberg infintiy Filter Medium
Emite Correct and Conceal
Linda Hallberg infinity Palette – Pinwheel, Milky Way

Suva Beauty Cupcakes and Monsters
Pearls from Panduro
Linda Hallberg Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara

Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lipstick Berry Beauty (reklamlänk/adlink)
Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass

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18:01 | September 8, 2020

Why Heat Protection?

You may have heard about heat protection for your hair?
It’s often a spray, but can also be a mousse, or a cream that you apply in your hair before using heat tools.
Sometimes it gives you some texture to the hair, sometimes not, there are different types of heat protection: Heat protections that are ONLY heat protections, and combined ones that are also some kind of styling products.

The heat protecting spray is used to protect your hair from heat damage when you are for example blow drying it, curling it or straightening it.
Although a heat protection will reduce the damage by adding a protecting layer on the surface of the hair, it will not take away the fact that heat styling tools are damaging the hair, so if you are a person who is using heat tools a lot, you should definitely invest in a good heat protecting product.


Do you use heat protection?


Above are some of my faves:
Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray is a thin spray that is also cutting down the blow dry time. Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Budgie The Multitasking All-in-one-mist is a styling mist that is detangling, caring, provides shine, and has heat protection! Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray: A caring heat protection that prevents split ends. Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Rapunzel of Sweden Blow Dry Cream: This one seems to be out of stock and can’t be purchased anymore. 🙁 Anyhow I LOVE how this smells!


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