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18:01 | September 2, 2020

Why Base and top coat?

Let’s proceed with not only one, but two WHY-products!
These are also two products I thought were unnessecary before I found out the opposite: Base Coat and Top Coat!
I used to walk around telling myself that nail polish just didn’t work for me, that my nails were to thin, and also, they were always yellow because I didn’t use a base coat. Nail polish barely lasted a day and it was flaking before I walked out the door. I didn’t even bother buying a base coat, because I simply didn’t believe in it. Well, wrong was I!

A Base Coat is basically the same thing as a primer for your eyeshadow (as we talked about yesterday). It doesnt only protect your nails from discoloration and staining, it also makes a great base for your colored nail polish and makes it last longer without chipping.
IF you have to skip the base coat for some reason, make sure to use neutral and light colors, because, reds, yellows, blues and darker colors might stain your nails and turn them yellow. And that might be hard to get rid of.

There are many different kinds of base coats: Filling base coats for uneven nail beds, moisturizing base coats for dry and brittle nails, color correcting base coats if your nails are already stained or discolored,  strenghtening base coats, and many more.. So if you know your nails it’s easy to find a good base coat that suits you, they don’t have to be super expensive to be good!


A top coat will protect and seal the color and make your mani last longer. It will provide a shiny, or  if you like – a matte finish to your mani.
By using a top coat you can actually keep your manicure for a couple of extra days.

There are also a lot of different top coats, all from matte, to shiny, to fast drying, to strengthening..


Both products are well invested if you want your manicure to last longer, because they work, I got to know the hard way 😉


Don’t forget to clean your nails from dirt, creams and oils before you paint them, for a longer lasting manicure.

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