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20:15 | April 13, 2020

Project bedroom

I have been wanting to paint the bedroom for years now. I’m not a big fan of white walls in the whole apartment. I think it’s more personal and it looks more “living” with some color!

So… during all this time home I have finally had some time over to paint the bedroom! The color is a very deep teal that I think is the perfect color. I saw it and was like… yep that’s it. Took me seriously one second to pick the color.
Linus has been a bit sceptic but he really likes it and now he’s like “maybe you can try the living room with the same color.. BUT if it doesn’t turn out good you have to paint it white again” haha
The best thing: I didn’t have to buy ANTYHTING new, except for the paint! I could use old things that didn’t fit with the white walls, and they suddenly look super interesting and new! My two not that well used flower pedestals turned out perfect as bedside tables for example!
I might paint the drawer black as well. don’t know yet! what do you guys think?

Oh how I love interior 😀

Now we have the most perfect bedroom!

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19:45 | January 27, 2020

Living room styling

I was tired of my five year old curtains and went to get some new ones! I also got new pillow cases and a puff, oh, and also some boxes for all the sh*t under the tv-bench

The before pictures are from a very messy living room, a sofa full of cat hair.. you know.. how it looks like most of the time.. haha

Then I changed the turquoise curtains for some mustard yellow ones, the pillow cases to green/yellow and orange, and added a puff on the floor. It looks so much more thought through and it turned out kind of cozy 🙂


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09:01 | October 9, 2014

Mitt nya hem


Vet ni vad? jag tröttnar ju på mitt hår rätt fort (vilket har gjort mitt hår så sjukt slitet eftersom avfärgning liksom blivit lite av en favorit) men sitter lik förbannat i frisörstolen hos YOU och ska få mig en ny hårfärg 🙂 kan ni gissa vad det blir? Jag tänker göra något drastiskt denna gången faktiskt.

Blev varken bloggande eller smink igår eftersom vi flyttade och donade hela dagen. Var typ svettlöken herself efter två dagars kånkande och packande och upp-packande.
Ovan ser ni lite snapshots från lägenheten än sålänge.
Nu ska jag skaffa mig MASSOR av inredningsinpiration så vi får det snyggt här hemma!

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