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08:01 | October 26, 2020

todays look | Classic Smoky

I haven’t done a proper smoky eye in a while! So here you go 🙂

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream CoverN03
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Filter Medium
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Palette – Virgio, maffei, Cigar, Zwicky, Andromeda

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Black Core Crayon
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Palette – Fornax
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Enchanted Mysteries Void
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara

Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Latex Fever Dusty Pink Latex

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13:14 | August 25, 2020

How involved am I in Linda Hallberg Cosmetics?

Yesterday I got a question about how involved I am in my own company Linda Hallberg Cosmetics, because there are unfortunately people out there who thinks that there are people only trying to earn money on my name and that I’m pretty much not involved at all.
So I thought you maybe would be interested in what I do exactly 🙂

– When we started the company I was very clear that I wanted to be in product development and that I wanted the last word about all the products that are put in production.
And that is exactly how it is right now, three years later. If I don’t like it, it’s not going into production.
I work mainly in product development with my amazing colleague Jenny that I am in contact with every day regarding moodboards, formulas, colors, packaging, you name it!
Every day of the week, even on weekends, I’m trying new products and formulas. 99% of these never make it, that might be fun to know 🙂

So every product of ours are hand picked by me and my collegues 🙂 I would never put my name on something that I don’t stand for.

– I personally go to all the make up fairs (not now during corona times ofc) I’m visiting and having meetings with all our manufacturers, so I am pretty much involved in every step of the way in product development  🙂 it is challenging, but so much fun!

– I  make the first drafts to all our packagings, some of them actually turns out the way I made them in the first place, and some of them will change a bit over time with our AD that makes them even better.

– I make and edit all the tutorials for Instagram.

– I do the makeup on the models to our campaigns. And sometimes I’m taking pictures as well.

– I have been taking care of our Instagram sometimes when people have been on vacation or been sick.

– Sometimes I’m helping SoMe with packing PR boxes.

– I am in digital video calls with my team at 9am every day to keep up on how everybody is doing and what everybody is doing at a daily basis.


So I’m working with products, content and makeup, and sometimes just office stuff, I’m there when someone needs my help with anything! 🙂
In a company that is still small (we are 6 people and are doing everything in-house) as an owner I have to jump in here and there to take care of things when needed.

It’s pretty much my full time job nowadays. And hearing that people think that I’m not involved in my own company when I put my soul into it breaks my heart. It’s hard work every day.
It’s so evolving and I’m learning new things every day!

Big thanks to my amazing team that are working with so much passion and love for the brand. I have so much love for you! And without you this wouldn’t be possible!


Much Love






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19:01 | July 15, 2020

Linda Hallberg <3 Zalando!


Jag är så himla himla glad att berätta att Linda Hallberg Cosmetics har lanserats hos Zalando!
Zalando har varit en go-to för mig i många år och jag är så glad och tacksam över att vi nu är en del av Zalando-familjen!

pga exklusivitet så skickar de inte till Sverige, Norge och Finland

I’m so happy and proud to say that Linda Hallberg Cosmetics has launched at Zalando!
Zalando has been a go to for me for many years and I’m so happy and grateful we’re finally a part of the Zalando family! 🙂


Due to exclusivity agreements they will not be shipping to Sweden, Norway and Finland


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17:36 | February 26, 2020

Interstellar swatches

I hope you are as excited as I am about Interstellar!
Here are some swatches so you really can see the glitter and the formula.
It’s packed with gold shimmer (plastic free) that is eye, lip, and face safe!
Wear it alone, with any of our other palettes or mixed with Infinity Glass as a highlighter
It’s truly something else! Tomorrow I will post a video on youtube where I show you a super simple look with Interstellar 🙂 Stay tuned for that!

You can get it at HERE (reklamlänk), HERE (reklamlänk) & HERE
SEK 349
DKK 239
NOK 349

International Prices at our website and Beautybay (BeautyBay will launch tomorrow)


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17:01 | January 18, 2020

Introducing : CREATOR BOXES

inlägget innehåller reklamlänkar

Nu lanserar vi ÄNTLIGEN Creator Boxes för de som vill testa på våra produkter och lära känna märket lite mer.
Dessa boxar säljs till ett fördelaktigt pris och finns på Kicks och på vår hemsida 🙂

Creator Box I Innehåller:
Infinity Palette
H2Glow Face Mist
Basic Kit

Creator Box 1 är det perfekta startkitet för dig som precis börjat med makeup och aldrig provat märket förut, eller för makeupartisten som behöver basics till sitt kit.

Pris: 899:- HÄR (reklamlänk)

We are FINALLY launching Creator Boxes for those who want to try our products and get to know the brand a little more.
These boxes are sold to a good price and are available on Kicks and on our website 🙂

Creator Box I Contains:
Infinity Palette
H2Glow Face Mist
Basic Kit

Creator Box 1 is the perfect starter kit for those who have just started with makeup and never tried the brand before, or for the makeup artist who needs basics for their kit.


Creator box II innehåller: 
Fusion Crayon Kit
Blossom Lip Oil

Detta kit är perfekt för dig som vill skapa minimalistiska looks med våra fantastiska crayons, eller för att du älskar färg och vill mixa och matcha hur som helst!

Pris: 549:- HÄR (reklamlänk)


Creator box II contains:
Fusion Crayon Kit
Blossom Lip Oil

This kit is perfect for those who want to create minimalistic looks with our amazing crayons, or because you love color and want to mix and match with eyeshadows or lipsticks!

Creator Box III Innehåller
Fantastik Lipstick Goldstone
Black Core Crayon

Detta kitet innehåller två favoriter som är bästsäljare inom vardera kategori, samt en vässare. Ett perfekt kit för dig som gillar neutrala looks, men som även vill sota till ögonen ibland. Dessa produkter är måsten i mitt makeupkit när jag är ute och jobbar!

Pris: 299:- HÄR (reklamlänk)


Creator Box III Contains
Fantastic Lipstick in Goldstone
Black Core Crayon

This kit contains two favorites that are best sellers in each category, as well as a sharpener. A perfect kit for those who like neutral looks, but who also want to make smokey eyes sometimes. These products are the must in my makeup kit when I’m working!


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