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18:01 | September 8, 2020

Why Heat Protection?

You may have heard about heat protection for your hair?
It’s often a spray, but can also be a mousse, or a cream that you apply in your hair before using heat tools.
Sometimes it gives you some texture to the hair, sometimes not, there are different types of heat protection: Heat protections that are ONLY heat protections, and combined ones that are also some kind of styling products.

The heat protecting spray is used to protect your hair from heat damage when you are for example blow drying it, curling it or straightening it.
Although a heat protection will reduce the damage by adding a protecting layer on the surface of the hair, it will not take away the fact that heat styling tools are damaging the hair, so if you are a person who is using heat tools a lot, you should definitely invest in a good heat protecting product.


Do you use heat protection?


Above are some of my faves:
Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray is a thin spray that is also cutting down the blow dry time. Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Budgie The Multitasking All-in-one-mist is a styling mist that is detangling, caring, provides shine, and has heat protection! Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray: A caring heat protection that prevents split ends. Get it HERE (reklamlänk/adlink)
Rapunzel of Sweden Blow Dry Cream: This one seems to be out of stock and can’t be purchased anymore. 🙁 Anyhow I LOVE how this smells!


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